Welcome to Crucible in a Box

The Crucible Programme began in 2007 as a series of residential workshops run by NESTA and NIZAGARA to help researchers, who face demanding challenges in their own fields, to network and look to solve more complex challenges across several disciplines. By bringing bright thinkers together, Crucible was designed to help people see the bigger picture and help researchers to discover:

  • how other early to mid-career researchers are tackling the same issues as them
  • how evidence-based policy is made
  • how to communicate with the media and public
  • skills and attitudes likely to make their research more innovative
  • how thinking creatively can really make a difference to their work and career

Crucible in a Box is an extension of this approach, providing all of the assets and materials to allow third-parties to run their own Crucible programmes within their own institutions and across multiple facilities.

The materials have been designed to be easy-to-use and self-explanatory, so there is no need for those running the workshops to be trainers - the assets should speak for themselves.