The following individuals and organisations have contributed to the ‘Crucible in a Box’:

Dr Rachel Brazil (NESTA)

Dr Robin Pharoah (ESRO Ltd)

Samantha Aspinall (STORMA Ltd)

Stephen Benn (Royal Society of Chemistry)

Yvonne Boyd (DEFRA)

Michael Elves (Newton’s Apple)

Ben Goldacre (Columnist and author)

Chris Goulden (Joseph Rowntree Foundation)

Nick Green (Science Policy Centre)

Jo Kelly (CampusPR)

Ariane Koek (Kinetix Events Ltd)

Diana Muir (Independent journalist and documentary-maker)

David Nutt (Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College, London)

Vivienne Parry (Radio 4, Times, Guardian)

Dan Plesch (International Studies and Diplomacy)

Sara Rankin (Stem Cell Biology, Imperial College, London)

Richard Sambrook (World News, BBC)

Tom Sheldon (Science Media Centre)

John Shepherd (Tommygun Ltd)

Janet Wilkinson (Three Times Three Consulting Ltd)

Katherine Sanderson (Nature)