Overview of the Labs

Ice breaker

This is the first session of the programme. It gives you, as the key facilitator, the opportunity to set the scene for how activities should run, setting the tone of the programme. Each session on Crucible should include an introductory explanation, the activity and a short de-brief.

Ask the participants to sit in pairs, encourage them to move their chairs if necessary, to make the process more comfortable/relaxed.

Now ask them to introduce themselves to each other, where they are from, and their research areas (NOT in detail) and in addition, one thing about themselves that doesn’t appear on their CVs.

Give them 10-15 minutes to talk to each other then choose one pair to start with. Ask one of them to introduce their ‘partner’ and vice versa to the rest of the group. All pairs then take it in turns to introduce each other. This approach means that everyone hears about each other and the non-CV aspect might help participants remember each other at an earlier stage.

The attached document also contains some key notes/tips on running this first session.