Overview of the Labs

Interdisciplinarity in research

This session can be run in the Lab 1 or 2 programme and is a cornerstone in helping participants in the Crucible programme to start to explore their own understanding, experience and views surrounding interdisciplinarity. The subject of interdisciplinarity will be explored by example using guest speakers who work in interdisciplinary areas and then through a series of discussion sessions. Depending on time, you may wish to run this session without speakers or with just one speaker.

The guest speakers will talk about their own work but should be asked to concentrate and include these elements within their talk:

  • What is interdisciplinary research in their field?
  • What it means to actually do interdisciplinary research.
  • Career development and the challenges and opportunities of interdisciplinary research.

The two group discussion and feedback sessions will give participants the opportunity to tackle some pre-determined questions that are shown on the below PowerPoint slides below.

The documents here provide some more details and helpful hints in running this session.