Overview of the Labs

Policy engagement

One of the key objectives of Crucible is to encourage the participants to be ‘outward-facing’. As part of the First Lab, participants are asked to consider research from the perspective of policy design and implementation. This can be interpreted fairly broadly, so most centrally it may be about looking at how research findings can be filtered through to the policy world and ultimately have an impact, but also how engagement with research, science and universities policy can help shape the system they work within. Researchers should be aware of the political and policy landscape in which they operate and what they need to think about if they believe that their work may have relevance to public policy.

We have created a half-day policy workshop, to cover these areas. We have filmed experts in the field to help you facilitate this workshop and there are a number of questions followed by ‘talking heads’ which will answer the questions. You do not have to use all the questions but please try and give as broad a perspective as possible. You may also wish to invite speakers who work in policy roles to take part in this session.

The document and PowerPoint presentation provide details of how you could design a session around the video clips provided.