Overview of the Labs

Poster session

The participants should have brought their posters to the programme. This session is about sharing research areas and personal hobbies and passions. It should allow people to talk about their research areas in a way that ALL participants can understand and explain their personal journeys and histories to this point.

To organise this session, it helps to have a number of poster boards, one for the poster being presented which can be displayed at the front of the room and two others where the next two posters can be hung in readiness so that there is no time wasted between talks. As each poster is presented and removed it should be hung in a common area - if possible where tea and coffee breaks are held. The posters will remain up for the participants to look at for the entire Lab.

Participants should not ask each other questions as this would take too long but the facilitator may decide to ask each person a question – or in fact some experienced facilitators may want to carry out the session as a series of interviews of the participants by themselves. Through questions, the facilitator should try and draw out particularly shy people who may have sold themselves short but there should be an attempt to create a sense of equality and mutual respect rather than any competition between participants.

The attached document also contains some key notes/tips on running this first session