Overview of the Labs

Public engagement with research

This workshop aims to encourage your group to think about how they may engage with the public and includes exercises where they can work collaboratively to help each other to see opportunities that might be available to them. In terms of science communication (although it's valid for all areas) there should also be a focus on the move from a ‘Public Understanding of Science’ model to a ‘Public Engagement with Science and Technology’ model, including mention of problems with ‘the deficit model’ and the introduction of the idea of ‘dialogue’. This can be a topic of discussion and does not need to be presented uncritically.

Please do not view this workshop as definitive. It aims to reach all research areas but you can supplement it with local examples, personal anecdotes, or by using the websites mentioned in the session information. You can of course invite speakers in to work with on this session, from organisations such as the Research Councils, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills or the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement. Universities should also have some people that work in this field that you may want to invite or at least talk to about this area.

The PowerPoint presentation and accompanying session notes are designed to give some information and be the discussion starting point for some of the topics covered.