Overview of the Labs

Collaborations between the arts and science

In the first Crucible Lab participants will have had the opportunity to explore interdisciplinarity and what it is. In the second Lab you can look at other types of interdisciplinarity, such as that between academic science or social science and the arts. You may wish to run this session by giving participants an opportunity to hear from guest speakers who have had experience of being involved in or have led such interdisciplinary collaborations. This session is a good opportunity to provide some ideas for broader opportunities for collaboration which may also be linked to outreach activities (in using the arts to better understand or communicate your own work). Whilst not everyone may be thinking of such collaborations, this session will also give the Lab a valuable change of pace and an opportunity to think differently and freshly.

The speakers should speak about their own work and show examples of their work as generally participants find these projects fascinating.

The downloadable document provides some details of discussion topics and possible speakers for this session.