Overview of the Labs

Grand challenges in research

This session’s purpose is to encourage the group to consider wider research or societal agendas and to creatively explain them to other groups. The main idea is to see through this activity if the researchers can find shared motivations in broad areas of work in which they would like to think about collaborating together. It has interdisciplinarity at its core. However, it is not about creating an interdisciplinary project in that moment but considering the future challenges and how different disciplines will contribute to future solutions, both on their own and in collaboration with other disciplines.

This session is split into four parts (warm up, discuss, create, report back) and the group of 30 should be split into five or six groups making sure these groups are interdisciplinary and different from other groups the researchers have worked in during the residential.

The downloadable documents will give you the full session description and accompanying Powepoint and participant briefs.