Overview of the Labs

Popularising academic research

This workshop aims to encourage researchers to explore popularising academic research, what to do and how to do it. The workshop is based on discussion topics and practical activities, with case studies to create learning through debate and analysis.

It is split into two parts with a 20 minute break:

  • Part One is an exploratory, reflective and discursive activity, with three case studies, individual and group working, with discussion points.
  • Part Two has two further case studies for analysis, involves splitting the participants into small groups of no more than five, which should be a mix of gender and disciplines. It also involves presentations and voting. It is a more active, creative and challenging.

Please follow the PowerPoint slides for the overall process for the workshop. The PowerPoint Slides create a series of introductions, case studies and information points for the two parts of the workshop.

There are a number of discussion points for which there are no PowerPoint slides. You have the guidance for them in these notes and the relevant the PowerPoint slides will summarise the key learnings; your notes will form the basis of the instructions.