Overview of the Labs

Speed collaboration

This session takes the simple approach of speed dating and uses it to attempt to ‘speed’ up the collaborations between participants in an organic and spontaneous way. As well as allowing collaborations to grow, this is also a test of communications skills and it will help participants to perfect their ‘elevator pitch’ – by the end of 15 conversations they should have worked out the best way to describe their work in two minutes.

The process is ‘speed collaboration’ rather than speed dating – but the same idea – each person gets 2½ minutes to speak to another before moving on and within that time they should attempt to tell each other about both their work and come up with an idea for an academic collaboration that they could do together before moving on (in practice they may just get round to describing their work but the thinking process should be ‘how could we collaborate?’). After each five-minute conversation the facilitator should blow a whistle/ring a bell/shout very loud and the participants must move on to their next conversation.

The downloadable files provide more detailed instructions of how you might run a speed collaboration session.