Overview of the Labs

Lab 3 Overview

This Lab focuses on the individual skills required to be a more innovative and creative researcher. The theme for the Lab is ‘Yourself’. This lab can also have a greater focus on enterprise and enterprise skills if desired.

There are Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and video resources available for this Lab.

The summary below gives an overview of the material available for this Lab in the order it is used in the programme. A detailed suggested programme is available for either a 3 day or 2 day Lab. The items below are a necessary part of this Crucible whether it is run over two days or three days:

  • Introduction to Lab 3 (with PowerPoint)
  • Collaboration time
  • Creativity and innovation (with PowerPoint)
  • The enterprising academic (with PowerPoint)
  • Crucible Ltd workshop (with PowerPoint and videos)
  • Investigating risk (with PowerPoint)
  • Action planning and feedback

The following items are optional ones that you can run if time and budget allow:

  • After dinner activities
  • Understanding yourself and others (Myers Briggs)

Lab 3 must have specific time set aside as ‘free time for development of collaborations/collaborative conversations’ and must not be overfilled with activities.

For an understanding of how these sessions can be used, please review the suggested timetables accessed from the left-hand menu. You can click to information on, and resources for, each session using these suggested timetables or directly from the lefthand navigation menu.