Overview of the Labs

Action planning and closing ceremony

This should be the last session of the programme and it is about drawing upon the experiences that they have had over the past sessions. It is about time for some self-reflection but also for sharing ideas with the group.

When all the participants have finished their forward planning, ask them to gather around in a circle with a poster board or wall at one point to place their mandalas (you will have asked them to prepare these at the beginning of the Lab). This process is simple but effective. Each person steps forward into the middle of the group with the mandala that they have prepared and speaks to the group about what they have created and what is represents for them – their personal reflection on Crucible.

It is nice to close the programme with a glass of something sparkling and a chance to thank all helpers, participants and toast the future……

For more information on how to run this session look at the downloadable document.