Overview of the Labs

The enterprising academic

This session is in the programme to encourage academics to engage in the enterprise agenda, where appropriate, applying it to their research and acknowledging commercialisation as another facet of being ‘outward-facing’. For many academics ‘enterprise’ is still not seen as something that they engage with. However, successful academics operate in an enterprising way within their institutions, writing grants, managing resources, pitching ideas, thinking creatively etc. This session aims to draw out these ideas and to potentially give them the confidence to operate in a business environment.

The entrepreneurial element will help participants to develop an enterprising culture in their institutions, departments and research groups - to allow innovative ideas to flourish. They should recognise that innovative individuals can use their energy to create change within institutions and that this uses a similar but not identical set of skills to those of an entrepreneur.

The downloadable session notes and powerpoint presentation provide a framework for running this session.