Overview of the Labs

Introduction to Lab 4

The format of the 4th Lab, as others starts with an introductory PowerPoint but then it moves to open sessions for groups to work together on their own ideas. The main point of this Lab is to allow time for groups to crystallise their collaborative ideas and develop the proposals they will ultimately put to you for funding.

You may wish to pre-invite some participants to present their work to the group. These people should be given at least a week to prepare a talk, and instructed to make it suitable for a lay audience. Giving participants an opportunity to share their work is another way of creating a feeling that participants own skills are the core to this Lab.

In the introductory presentation you may wish to offer participants the opportunity to manage their own Lab and to select the format they wish to use (apart from pre-arranged talks as it would not be fair to drop these). It is also a nice idea to allow the group to facilitate their own Lab to help give them a sense of ownership.

For more details of how to run a 4th Lab please download these documents; a PowerPoint presentation is also supplied as a starting point for preparing your own 4th Lab introduction.