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Budget overview

In order to run a Crucible programme there will need to be a budget of direct finance available. It will also require some in-kind support from local HEIs ranging from the provision of programme management and administration support at one end to guest speakers, workshop facilitation and visits for participants at the other.

The details below give an indication of the budget to allow for three possible models, depending on the style of event you wish to hold. In reality they also represent three possible budgets (ranging from c.£35k–£155k) and you may need to follow the style and format indicated from your budget.

There are three approaches to the budget:

  • Institution Centred Crucible
  • Large Regional Crucible
  • Full NESTA equivalent

The three models are explained in greater detail in the downloadable Budget Overview document and there are some examples in the Sample Budgets document.

With each model the Crucible programme has some core elements of cost that either need to be budgeted for as direct expenditure or be provided locally to cover programme management, marketing and communications, application process management, selection process management, accommodation and hospitality, participant's travel expenses, facilitator costs and expenses and guest speaker costs and expenses (where applicable), event management and pre-Lab administration and the funding pot for collaborative projects.