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Creating networks

Crucible offers participants three things:

  • A cross-disciplinary working environment and a chance to form collaborations.
  • A wider view of the world of research and the power it has to influence society and create change through working with both academic and non-academic communities.
  • Breadth, connections and generating opportunity for conversations where innovation can germinate.

As a result, the theme of networking needs to be central to the Crucible programme during the Labs, between the Labs and once the programme has finished.

The Crucible programme values the creation of networking during the programme and as a foundation for career-long networking skills and relationships.

It should be emphasised that networking is a core part of this whole programme. As a result programme leaders and participants should see all the formal and the informal sessions on the Labs as opportunities to work with each other, get to know each other and network. As a result, the informal and social parts of the programme are considered to be as compulsory as the structured part of the programme.

Participants should be encouraged to be in contact with each other intra-Lab and to think about the networks they are forming during Crucible as a resource for them in their future careers.