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As the Programme Leader you will need to consider evaluation of Crucible from at least four different aspects:

1. The value and usefulness of the programme to the participants as part of their overall professional and personal development.

2. The value to your region/institutions/organisation/funders of running this Crucible (and potential future programmes).

3. The rating participants provided for particular speakers/sessions on the programme for use in future planning.

4. The rating participants provided for the accommodation and logistics of their involvement in the Crucible.

This guide provides information on evaluation of the Labs as individual events and the programme and its impact as a whole.

A sample Lab feedback form for rating of specific sessions is provided which you can use to formulate your own version. Previous Crucible programmes have made use of and collected information electronically after each Lab.

Previous Crucible programmes have made use of CREST to understand the difference the Labs have made to individuals and their skills. If you are going to use this type of tool it should be completed by each participant at the start of Lab 1 (time is allocated in the programme for this) and again at the end of Lab 3 to establish ‘distance travelled’ by participants over the programme. There is a copy of the report from the 2009 evaluation of Crucible available for background reading on this.