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Running a 4th Lab

If you have the resources to do so, we recommend you hold a 4th Lab though the programme is not reliant on this. Where participants live or work near each other it is often possible for them to meet up independently to work on proposals, making a 4th Lab nice to have, but not essential.

A 4th Lab could be 1½ to 2 days in length. A format has been designed that allows participants to take control of the agenda to some extent and feel ‘in charge’ of themselves as a group. This does make an effective way of completing the process with a sense of empowerment for those involved.

It is suggested you prepare for this Lab by pre-selecting a number of people (one for each half-day session) from the Crucible cohort to give 30 minute talks about their work (plus 15 minutes for Q&A). It is wise to select speakers from different areas and look for topics that might be of general interest. The speakers should be briefed to prepare a talk that will be understandable to a general audience. These talks give the group a chance to learn more about the work of some of their colleagues and also give a useful introduction to each session.