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Working with other institutions

The Crucible programme is interdisciplinary by its nature and purpose. As a result NESTA sees the opportunity for inter-institutional/organisational working in organising and delivering the programme.

There are opportunities to involve a number of institutions in the programme through:

  • Inviting applications from a wide group of institutions/organisations.
  • Moving the location of the Labs between institutions/geographic locations.
  • Inviting facilitators, guest speakers and contributors/panel members from a wide range of institutions to be involved.
  • Organising networking dinners on either Lab 1 or Lab 2 where a wider range of academic leaders from a number of institutions have the opportunity to meet members of the Crucible cohort and understand the programme.
  • Draw upon the experience and expertise of innovation and intrapreneurship leaders within participating institutions to be part of the programme.
  • Involve other institutions in the managing team for the Crucible you are running and ask for administrative support for specific parts of the programme from different institutions.

If you are running the programme across institutions you will need to think carefully about how this relationship works in terms of financial contributions and in-kind admin and management support. You may wish to discuss ideas for how this will work with the organisers of the Scottish Crucible programme.